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He excells when cleaning for you!Glory Cleaning Service &
 Glory Carpet Cleaning Service

We Love to Clean, Let Us Show You! 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Pat Lanyon
David & Joseph Lanyon
47 Long Hill Street
East Hartford, CT 06108-1436

This web location is designed to educate.
We hope you find the information presented here helpful as well as informative.
We welcome your comments.
We would like to be of service to you in CT, BUT wherever you live you can get professional help by using our website and links!

We have upgraded our equipment which includes the Max Heat Option offered by our manufacturer.
This option will give us an additional 50 degrees (245+ TOTAL) F in temperature,
and 150 cfm (total 450 cfm, the effective total of about 13 residential vacuum cleaners) which will...

  • Reduce the amount of chemical we use in your home.
  • Increase the amount of soil removed from your carpet or upholstery.
  • Reduce the time required to dry the carpets or upholstery.
  • in addition to all the other values offered now for over 18 years!

See our Costs Chart for full information about our unique approach to give you the best value for our Extraction excellence!

We began in 1987 as a Janitorial Service to Hartford County Offices.

If you are acquainted with us as a Janitorial Service and interested in office cleaning,
please visit our Office & House Cleaning page.

  • I became certified as a technician/ firm to clean textiles, and by 1994 had purchased a Butler System Truck Mount.
    • We have upgraded our equipment to clean carpets and upholstery using the standards produced by the IICRC.
      (The thumb links to a fuller size.)

  • Our Primer for Spotting I use a special "sheet" I call our "Primer" to explain how the carpet or upholstery cleaning process works by teaching you how to spotback side primer thumb clean. The diagrams illustrate how carpets are cleaned, the text teaches you how to set up a "spot cleaning kit" because everyone should know these basics right after a spill or spot happens. Read it here or copy and print off a graphic image for your own use now: The SPOT Extractor Primer Revised and Updated for July 2014!
  • Visit Our Facebook Page Here.
  • CleanerPatMan is Tweeting here.
  • You are most welcome to view Our Certificates received since 1991, and also our other binders, and informative documents. 

Hear our Consumer Awareness Audio File (Only 13:20 time). Get Informed now! Then Call us and ask for your Free Consumer's Report on Carpet Cleaning to anyone who listens to this message in full.

  • HELP ME CLEAN THAT SPOT!  This is excellent. 
    The Carpet-Rug Spot Solver.  [] 


  •  Is Your Health the First Reason, or is Appearance the Only Trigger??? Cleaning for Appearance will keep them looking good, but not necessarily healthy. Make health your number 1 reason today! Why Not right Now? We clean all year long in most any weather conditions.
    • Winter Advantage: HOME HUMIDIFICATION! Restore Baked-Out Moisture of the Winter Heating Systems
    • Summer Advantage: CONVENIENCE! Weather is Most Cooperative, but our Technician Experience and Expertise Can Show You How Drying Should be Done in Any weather!
  • If you are not in the Connecticut River Valley, we encourage you to use a certified cleaner"Find the Nearest Certified Carpet At  you can look for certified firms or master carpet cleaners for your local zip code. 
  • Our Commercial Carpet Restoration System Program Could be just What Your Office/ Retail Site Needs!

More Information

  • If you do not know a lot about carpet and upholstery cleaning we encourage you to visit our Facts You Should Know -- Frequently Asked Questions page. 
  • Look at the HWE [Hot Water Extraction] page and see how this state-of-the-art cleaning method works.
  • See a revised and updated PAGE ON OUR "PRIMER" to help you clean spots in your home right after they occur (the most important time to clean). Full details about how to clean any spot is there or in even greater detail at (Carpet & Rug Institute's) the Spot Solver Link
  • Certified Firms are part of the network of technicians who serve upholstery retailer protection warranty providers. We invite you to read more on Our Protection Page.
  • WE NOW CLEAN COMPUTERS -- yes, and not just the dust!
    • IT Trust Club -- Glory Cleaning Service Computer Cleaning Division
    • It is a trust to maintain. Since the beginnings of the computer explosion that began early in the nineties and by 1999 through the internet when this website began, we have all witnessed a revolution of technology. We believe it is important to know as much as we can about it and so we introduce IT Trust Club, Internet Technology Trust.
  • Believing To Live -- the Real Path to GLORY! A look at a study I recommend highly!

We have provided helpful information to you on this web page since February, 1999. We hope you have benefited. Thanks for using us and other certified firms.

Thanks for visiting us. --- C. Pat Lanyon