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About Our  Calendars And Free Gifts for 2011


Wall Calendars

We are offering wall calendars a gift on our truck at your door for the year 2008. 
If you like using it for appointments, call us for a timely replacement 
sent via mail or stop by our office for yours.

Our Preferred calendar is  
from We use them for our daily Bible Reading Schedule, 
a profitable habit we encourage anyone who is willing to do. 
See their website for full info.

We will have 2  choices,
the calendar picture thumbnails are to the left for more detail

Reflections (Scripture and verse-each-day Calendars)

Scenic American (Christine picked these beauties out just for you!)






2. Our Static-dusters:

We also carry our dusters as we first offered many years ago 
on the truck as well. 

We have offered these as gifts from the very start of our carpet cleaning. They have been such a help to us because of their efficiency,  
ability to dust in most every location and the time saved overall in our 
janitorial work. They utilize the property of static electricity-- the same reason 
your computer or television screen attracts such volumes of dust each day. 
What's more -- they can be washed in the sink. Use a degreaser like 
Formula 409(TM), rinse with the spray hose and wring and spin and hang to dry! 
We also suggest that you save the plastic cover to keep the fibers clean and 
unsnarled between uses. Avoid, also, using them around hot light bulbs or 
any other heated surface so the plastic does not melt. They, also are stocked 
on our truck, and are available to any client, and we only reserve the right to limit one per home or office by request when we clean yours.

The dusters are offered free, and are especially for all new clients.

3. Key Chains

We've found them good "key-keepers" for your home or office. We also like to add your key to the ring of clients who use our service regularly on auto scheduling.