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The SPOT Extractor Primer

GLORY Carpet Cleaning Service

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Mr. & Mrs. C. Pat Lanyon, Owners

47 Long Hill Street

East Hartford, CT 06108-1436 Call now for more information. Phone 860 - 528-7205

Workmanship Guarantee : Recleaned for FREE if you are not Satisfied*

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning with

Encapsulation Extraction Excellence! *see our website for full details.


The SPOT Extractor Primer
& How We Clean

Spot cleaning is important to know because cleaning spots right after they occur is our best assurance they will be safely and in many cases, completely removed by a professional if not at first by yourself.

Extraction utilizes the principles of evaporation and wicking to deep clean.

Steps to Take for Immediate Spot Cleaning in Your Home or Office

1. SETTING UP a Spotting Kit (Figure 1). You will first need a 24 oz or similar spray bottle for each spotter required. Always pretest ‘until dry’ each product before first use. Use a clothes spotting super-market product (like Shout™, or,if concentrate, use greatly diluted (½ teaspoon for above size bottle) Second, you will need a soft brush for ‘tamping’ agitation. Third, you will need for blotting absorbent white terry cloth towels. Fourth, to speed things up, you will need a hair dryer. Keep the kit readily accessible.




Spotting Kit2. Preconditioning (Figure 2). The spotter is sprayed onto the soiled item. Use sparingly, allow 5 min. dwell time! As it is sprayed down, it surrounds and softens most soil. Apply more solution only if spot is removing, or soil is great.

3. Grooming (Figure 3). TAMPING disperses loosened soil into the solution. The fabric looks clean immediately from the surface if spotter is working. For smaller spots, ALWAYS use the brush like a hammer, the effect is many times more effective.


4. Extraction (Figure 4). Spot Extraction is by blotter cloth or small extractor, but limit rinsing greatly if possible. For especially soiled fibers, multiple passes for rinsing may be needed. Dry passes both speed drying and extract solution which was not absorbed by the fibers or picked up after the initial application.

5. Drying. If cleaning is proper and drying is complete, fabric surface appears clean (Figure 5).

Fig 5


Often, however, spots reappear [usually the result of incomplete soil extraction (Figure 7) in 3-5 days,


or spotter detergent residue (Figure 6) in 2-3 months,]. The spot must be re-cleaned and blotted as a dryer is used by the customer. The absorbent will collect any soils not first extracted. Volume spills may require 3, 4 or more cleanings. Sometimes the absorbent can be left to dry on the fabric overnight, in that case. Any moisture not in removed within 48 hours will cause mold and mildew to appear. See back side‡. Also, be sure to ask us about Fabric Protection! Figures 5, 6, & 7 highlight the importance of regular deep EXTRACTION CLEANING! Soil DOES come up from lower parts of fibers. Extraction addresses also indoor air quality issues. YOU BREATHE EASIER, BETTER!

Back Side

ENCAPSULATION Technology Benefits

We now use encapsulation rinses in most of our cleaning procedures. The encapsulant residues are different from traditional detergents, are microscopic in nature, and easily removed with your vacuum. This assists the final cleaning effects of all carpet and upholstery wherever we clean.

When there is reappearance of spots, they are easier to remove by spotting. Encapsulants also fill-in fiber scratches. This increases the overall appearance of carpets that otherwise look dark and still seem soiled right after cleaning. Encapsulation is state-of-the-art technology working for you and your furnishings. Our Fabric Protection can even further enhance in this way also.

*We do not guarantee workmanship for "abused" carpet (carpet not cleaned in over 6-12 months, OR with untreated multiple spots, AND/OR carpet improperly installed); in these cases you may have to pay for a second call for the same job; Please note, after 30 days we cannot honor service for reports of returning spots.

‡DRYING After Cleaning IS VITAL!

It is very important to understand the importance of DRYING ELEMENTS after our cleaning is done.

Note these Drying Instructions:

1. Help us maintain Maximum Airflow during and after cleaning. We often use carpet dryers while cleaning for this express reason on most of our work orders. As we arrive we’d like your HVAC equipment set as illustrated. We depend on you to NOT change these settings for at least 24 to 48 hours after the cleaning is complete.




set-therm-rightA. Winter- the temperature is set to 68-72 and windows are left open about 1-2" to allow the heated (holds more moisture than cold), moisture-filled air to escape outdoors and bringing usually colder, dryer air inside. For summer these airflow measures are preferred:

B. Summer- 1)the Air Conditioning thermostat should be set at: a)Cooling temperature to 70-68 , and b), if equipped, wall units may be set to ‘exhaust’ the air; c)Fan setting for central air conditioning systems is set to ‘on’ (not ‘auto’– a setting that runs the fans only upon the system demands). If you do not have Air conditioning, or cannot leave windows open, and still have high-moisture conditions we recommend that you:

(1)use box, window, floor or desk fans after we leave to maintain airflow; (2)Use a Dehumidifier for continuing high moisture areas in conjunction with the fans above in place. (Be sure to place the fans so as to facilitate maximum circulation– do not blow one air mass into another, and provide an exterior entrance/exit for the circulating air– this is very important! )

And 2) on high humidity days, we sometimes recommend the widows be left open for 12-24 hours even if air conditioning is used. This especially applies to abused and over soiled carpets, as well as environments normally closed or sensitive to moisture. If the area is commercial and HVAC is not adequate, doors/ windows must be opened. Carpet fans may be required. Fans left for this purpose will incur a nominal rental fee for each 24 hour period used.



These DRYING SUGGESTIONS will allow prompt drying and return of your home or office to normal use.

Wicking and evaporation on high soiled areas almost always result in spots returning. We usually recommend, in this case, that you plan to pay for two cleaning visits and schedule them 1 month apart.



C. Pat Lanyon, Owner
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