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A Look at Some of

Our Carpet Cleaning Jobs

More Technical Information (click to see some interesting facts!) Also read some Tips on Selecting & Protecting and Maintaining Your Carpet & Furniture Pieces

Our List of Services Offered

These are Photographs as we worked on a HIGHLY Soiled Carpet Job in October, 2002. 


1) Fan is pre-set for speed drying, heavy soiling condition. (before:)

2) Traffic lanes highly impacted with soil 

3) 95% plus soil removal (after)
Observe the traffic lane fiber scratching usually evident not so this entry way.

5) This is an illustration of the last cleaning step.
A customer thinks you're done since the machine is shut down, and soon realizes they have a dramatic comparison of before/ after cleaning! (the furniture covered original carpet soil)

Couches are usual high soil areas.

chair in living room moved for cleaning (before cleaning began)

after cleaning results (same room as couch above)

In bedroom -- point of cleaning -- soil visible in wand's window as technician strokes.


3 Piece Lazy Boy TM  Cleaned in April 2003

 Also due to space limitations, see off site: