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Frequently Asked Questions

Janitorial Services FAQ

Table of Contents Carpet Cleaning FAQ

  1. How exactly do you clean carpets?
  2. Where can I find a reputable carpet cleaner?
  3. Why should I clean my carpets?
  4. Who should clean my carpets?
  5. What does it cost to professionally clean carpets?
  6. When should carpets be cleaned?
  7. Where do I find more technical information that you recommend on the web?

How exactly do you clean carpets?

bulletWe use Hot Water Extraction for most cleaning requests.
bulletOn commercial accounts we maintain carpets with the Encapsulation Bonnet Carpet Cleaning method.
bulletMost carpets are cleaned with hot water extraction because it logically appears to be the best method. When carpets are dampened with adequate and not too much moisture, evaporation and wicking efficiently bring the soiling up ad we are able to extract it. SeeThe SPOT Extractor Primer for 2011, our new edition, or How HWE Works for more complete details. You may also see Our Info Sheet for details as well.
bulletOccasionally your carpet might be sensitive to moisture and we will need to incorporate low-moisture methods such as the Encapsulation method given above. Other methods can be utilized such as solvent dry cleaning methods can clean, but most consumers elect to risk professionals to HWE because a more thorough cleaning takes place. Low moisture methods tend to only clean the upper "visible" tufts and you are left with lower finer dirt particles that build up and cause allergic reactions due to dust mite infestation or other air quality  issues.
bulletHow long does it take for the cleaned carpets to dry Now That Your Carpets Were Cleaned...? Many helpful ideas are included on this recently composed article.
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Where can I find reputable carpet cleaners?

bulletWe use and recommend that home owners and businesses use only certified cleaners, especially since such a reputable organization as the IICRC exists. Some individuals may be able to clean without this kind of certification, but we can't imagine a true businessman who would reject the value of obtaining certification for his firm and himself.  The IICRC redirects inquiries for firms or master cleaners to where you can find the pro certified to do whatever work you have need. Cleaners utilizing the web receive notice that you inquired from their community town or city, and are happy to respond promptly to your request.
bulletYou can also find carpet cleaners through the associations linked on the IICRC site. Our Local association is the NEIRC.


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Why Should I Clean My Carpets?

  1. Cleaning your carpets is as important as cleaning your kitchen floor, or your bathroom. We list at least 3 very important reasons to clean your carpets.
    bulletClean for Health
    bulletClean for Stewardship
    bulletClean for Appearance
  2. Read about these reasons with detail at: Give Your Carpets that Shower Clean Feeling -- our handout packed full of information.

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Who should clean your carpets?

bulletMany home owners elect to clean their own carpets since professional carpet cleaning is not the cheapest option, but most home-owners soon realize  'you truly get what you pay for' in this profession. After one self-carpet-cleaning event, the true value of a competent carpet cleaning pro well out-weighs the cost. 10 Carpet Questions About Cleaning COSTS is a good article to read concerning this.
bulletGetting disreputable firms to clean could cost you more money that getting the best pro to do it in the first place. Be careful when you look at advertisements. The IICRC has published some very useful information we have made available on our server for this purpose:
bulletAvoiding Scams
bulletPage 2 Avoid Scams
bulletAvoiding Scams page 3
bulletCannot Beat
bulletCannot Beat Page 2
bulletCannot Beat Page 3
bulletProper Care Page 1
bulletProper Care Page 2
bulletProper Care Page 3
bulletNews Release Extending Carpet by Choosing Right Cleaners
bulletNews Release Extending Carpet Page 2
bulletExtending Carpet Page 3
bulletAlso See our Consumer Awareness Page where
bulletyou can hear our Consumer Awareness Message


On the local level we have opportunity to recognize advertisements that result in very unhappy consumers. We have included one from several years back. The firm used a low moisture method to clean a customer who later called us. We properly cleaned the carpet and had to remove the offending chemicals previously used that caused problems with the customer. This advertisement also, of course contains half-truths concerning the carpet cleaning procedures.

bulletAdvertising that STEAMS


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What does it cost to professionally clean carpets?

bulletAs mentioned in another question (Who?) costs for carpet cleaning are value conditioned. We have found the typical 'newbie' carpet cleaner to be anxious to clean without proper training and soon realizes it is a very labor intensive occupation. The first way to get customers is to advertise cheap prices. This gets the phone to ring, but what the cleaner does from here is largely a result of his own ethical standards or, more frequently lack thereof. the price soon tells the cleaner how long he is going to tolerate you and your messy carpets. When you don't show a willingness to pay him for his efforts, he leaves you with damp, darker and richer appearing carpets that soon resurrect soils you thought you paid him to remove, especially based on his ad in your paper or phone book.
bulletSo consider these things when you feel like taking the cheapest route out:
bulletCost for Services
bullet10 Carpet Questions About Cleaning COSTS
bulletHow To Buy Carpet & Furniture Pieces can save you money on your carpet cleaning costs
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When should carpets be cleaned?

bulletCarpets that are cleaned properly should stay clean at least 6 months in a typical residential setting, especially if minor spotting is done by the consumer. 
bulletExceptions to this rule include homes where children, smokers or pets are present. Any of those ingredients should lead consumers to clean each 3 to 6 months. Most carpet cleaners enroll or give special discounts to clients who regularly and willing schedule carpet cleaning. This is how to get the best deal in carpet cleaning and to ensure the healthiest home for your family.
bulletEvery carpet should be thoroughly and fully cleaned at least each 2 or 3 years with a full furniture moving operation. This will depend upon whether or not the consumer moves the furniture and vacuums thoroughly each month as well as the aforementioned spot cleaning procedures. See Upholstery SPOT Cleaning Primer for details on how to spot clean any texture or textile in your home.
bulletCommercial carpets require more frequent and aggressive measures depending on floor use, number of employees and environment desired. Most elect to incorporate a Commercial Carpet Restoration System to assure their employees and customers of a healthy work and service environment.
bulletSee some of our work samples: Our Work Shows
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Where do I find more technical information that you recommend on the web?

bulletNewest Links and other pages of interest
bulletOrganizations and companies full of technical information
bulletOur own Technical Information Page
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