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GLORY Carpet Cleaning Service

East Hartford, CT         Phone 860-528-7205

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Presents the

Commercial Carpet Restoration System

Commercial Carpet must be both maintained and restored to best serve your investment and the carpet's useful life. Prudent stewardship! The company willing to implement a system which both maintains and restores its carpet floor coverings will enjoy these benefits:

bulletA clean environment -- the result of reduction of soils, cleaning residues, and air pollutants
bulletA healthy environment -- the result of improved employee and customer health
bulletA productive environment -- the result of employees not worrying over health issues
bulletA pleasant environment -- the result of employees and customers who enjoy fresh surroundings to work and do business in
bulletA profitable environment -- the result of 1) extended carpet replacement cycles, 2) fulfilled and loyal employees working hard without distraction, and 3) "retained" and "referring" customers who enjoy the experience of doing business in a clean, healthy, productive, and pleasant office

Today's commercial carpeting is made up largely of a fiber that is economical to install, yet is susceptible to matting, burning distortion, and tenacious soil-retention and re-soiling, especially in oil-prone service areas. A business owner needs knowledgeable carpet specialists to address such issues, and demonstrate competent resolution of these problems.

The Commercial Carpet Restoration System is a special feature of our company intended to provide the solutions needed for today's commercial carpeting problems. The program has and can involve any or all of the following service options:

bulletAnalysis of floor usage and present floor covering
bulletSpecification of recommended floor coverings for each use area
bulletTechnical recommendation for any needed replacement areas
bulletImplementation of "the system" of floor maintenance required:
bullet! A first visit restoration including dry-soil removal, spotting, preconditioning, and restoration extraction.
bullet A follow-up program specifying maintenance of low, medium, and high-traffic areas to include, with varied frequency: 1) multi-pass vacuuming; 2) "bonneting" with spotting-- a wet process of redressing carpet fibers and keeping a highly acceptable appearance level; 3) speed drying preparations for swift return of surfaces to use
bulletEvaluation of service program with prompt communication and response access

GLORY Carpet Cleaning Service is a division of GLORY Cleaning Service which has provided janitorial excellence with dependability and quality for Connecticut businesses since 1987. Use of trained technicians for all specialized carpet cleaning is company policy. A full line of insurance has been in place since our beginning with references. We are full members of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification [IICRC]. We cordially invite inquiries, and pledge a loyal interest in serving your needs with the Commercial Carpet Restoration System.

GLORY Carpet Cleaning Service Mr. C. Pat Lanyon, MCT

47 Long Hill Street, East Hartford, CT 06106-1436 
860-528-7205 email