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Give your Carpets that

"Shower-Clean" Feeling

Your carpets and upholstery need the same thorough periodic cleaning that you enjoy each shower you take. The US EPA recommends the average residential home be cleaned at least each 6 to 12 months (1989 EPA Letter in IICRC Standard S001) and even more frequently for smokers, young children & pets!

1.Why You Should Clean Carpet  

a Clean for Health First! 
b Clean for Stewardship
c Clean for Appearance

2.Our Power Water Extraction Cleaning Process  
3.Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Ought to Include  
4. Some other considerations... 

a. How Does Upholstery Cleaning Differ From Carpets
b. What Happens When You Call? 
c. What Happens When We Come?
d. What Should You Do Next?  
e. What Does Our Certification Mean?

Why You Should Clean

a Clean for Health First!

The average American spends over 20 hours a day inside a closed structure. We spend 90 percent of our lives in doors. The quality of our indoor air is far more important to us than ever before, because early 1970s energy conservation measures have sealed up those indoor spaces tighter than ever.

As we stated at the start, the Environmental Protection Agency has recommended the average residential home be cleaned at least each 6 to 12 months, and more frequently for smokers, children or pets.

Also, cleaning your carpets and upholstery is an even greater priority if any one in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, or other similar health problems.

b Clean for Stewardship

Cleaning your carpet is the best way to preserve the investment made in your floor coverings. An investment of thousands of dollars can be extended from 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance of today's modern synthetic textiles. Without deep and powerful extraction, sand and abrasive soils can destroy the supportive backings of carpets.

Cleaning carpets is also becoming part of warranty coverage by many manufacturers. More than a dozen now recognize certified professional cleaners as an integral part of your carpet maintenance program. Applying fabric protection is suggested and highly recommended for lighter colored textiles, and also for all warranted products.

We apply the most popular fabric protectors that are time-proven to work!

c Clean for Appearance

The average carpet of one-half inch medium weight pile contains the soil-able surface area of probably 5 or 6 flat hard surface floors. Those "kitchen" floors receive thorough cleaning each week, and for some each day! It take considerable power, time, frequency and cleaning efficiency to properly maintain carpets comparably.

Cleaning your carpets will restore the look of your carpets to a near new condition.

Claims have been made that high pressure hot water cleaning drives dirt deeper with an implication it stays deep in or below the backings. While the hot water under pressure does displace soils from their undesired location, it is the evaporation - wicking process which actually lifts the dirt back to the carpet tips. When the water evaporates, the soil remains on the top and the "spot" returns. Professional carpet cleaners monitor the drying process and before they leave the cleaning site, can re-clean and thus extract soil traps, spots, and traffic lanes.

Chemists inform us that the reactivity of cleaning detergents doubles every 18 beyond 118 C. Professional cleaning equipment producing over 195 at the source thus allows the chemicals to work 8 to 10 times greater than the heated tap water of portable extractors. Hot water is definitely the best factor for improving carpet cleaning effectiveness.

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Our Power Water Extraction Cleaning Process

When you ask us to "steam" clean for you, here's what you'll get!  
Detailed Pre-vacuuming of carpets and upholstery, with use of a crevice tool as needed

2 Pre-conditioning by application of cleaning solutions and grooming if necessary

3 Spot-treatment of serious soiled areas of carpets or upholstery

4 Powerful Water Extraction using an encapsulation rinsing agent that leaves carpets soft, fresh, and dry normally within 24 hours, and any microscopic soiling surfacing in final drying stages will be trapped by the encapsulation detergent and will remove the first time the carpet is vacuumed after cleaning -- Agitation is used when necessary to assist the chemical and vacuum extraction process

5 Post-spot treatments to remove any spots not responding to the above cleaning process

is a growing company prepared to clean your carpets and upholstery with the training and skill of professionals.

We are family run, fully insured, and have served East Hartford and Central Connecticut office and residential customers since 1987.

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GLORY Carpet Cleaning Service
47 Long Hill Street
East Hartford, CT 06108

Mr. & Mrs. C. Pat Lanyon, Owners
860 - 528-7205

"We Love to Clean . . . . . . Let us Show You!"

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Ought to Also Include:

bulletGiving sufficient dwell time for the solutions to properly loosen soils.
bulletUsing An Encapsulation Rinsing Agent with the water extraction process to increase final soiling and/or residue removal with follow-up vacuuming.
bulletUsing HOT (245+ degree F.) Water to help increase chemical reactivity, sanitization, and reduce drying time.
bulletUsing a Vacuum System powerful enough to dry the carpet in 48 to 24 hours or less.
bulletUsing Certified Technicians trained and experienced to do the job right.
bulletOffering a Workmanship Guarantee in writing before starting. "You must be satisfied with our cleaning or we'll re-clean free!"
bulletReasonable Furniture Moving in their service.
bulletA FREE Quote and a Firm Price before starting the work.
bulletFREE Spot Cleaning Advise with a simple call.
bulletTaking the Necessary Time to Re-clean deep lying spots and heavily soiled traffic lanes with a "windowed wand" before equipment is wrapped up.
bulletOffering Fabric Protection that includes the best technology available.
bulletTechnicians Who Are Gentle and Careful when handling your furniture and their equipment near your walls and baseboard.
bulletFull Insurance Coverage in Effect

We take pride in providing the quality needed in your home or office for carpet and upholstery cleaning because of our motto:

"We love to clean, Let us show you!"

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GLORY Carpet Cleaning Service 
47 Long Hill Street
East Hartford, CT 06108
Mr. & Mrs. C. Pat Lanyon, Owners
860 - 528-7205

Some other considerations...

How Does Upholstery Cleaning Differ From Carpets?

Furniture is cleaned with the same basic principles and procedures, except less pressure, power and temperature must be utilized. Textiles in upholstery are much more complex and more must be known to safely clean them.

Upholstery requires more time since each section of work must be done systematically by hand. Upholstery is usually harder on the equipment, since moisture must be more carefully controlled, and more suction wears the parts more. While truck-mounted equipment is useable, it is considered "over-kill," and portables work with excellence. Much less water, of course, is used.

Furniture cleaning is less often needed -- about once every 2 to 4 years.

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What Happens When You Call?

We will promptly schedule an appointment with you to come, measure and analyze your carpet areas to be cleaned, evaluate the best means of cleaning them, and quote the complete job cost the exact way you want your carpets cleaned, and if you wish, protected.

What Happens When We Come?

Should you schedule a work order, we will arrive within the 30 minutes preceding the scheduled time, or call ahead if delayed.

Some customers help us by removing knick-knacks, and other small breakables to a safe place.

In some cases, we will require a cold water hook-up, but we are equipped to hook up to most any sink.

We will then vacuum, move required furniture and begin the cleaning steps as listed.

bulletHot Water Extraction. 

The furniture will be replaced after cleaning under its normal position and protected with plastic or block tabs whichever is required.

Our cleaning equipment does present some dangers, especially to small children, pets, and even grass-burn from hot hoses and exhaust. To observe these, the technician will properly set up and may request your cooperation during some of our cleaning segments.

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What Should You Do Next?

Upon completion of the work, we usually collect payment unless prior arrangements were made.

We will explain the best way to accelerate drying for your carpets, the general rule being continuous airflow.

If you have selected protection for your carpets, a product-specific (usually 4 hr.) undisturbed dwell time period is urged but not critical. Most carpets will dry within 24 hours (with low relative humidity) when cleaned with our certification standards.

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What Does Our Certification Mean?

Since 1991 our firm has been certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They are a body of folks interested in overseeing Carpet Upholstery and Restoration Cleaning Professions through standards, instructors, and training.

IICRC LogoYou may call 1-800-835-4624 for access to the IICRC Customer Referral Network of other certified firms nationwide for your relatives and friends. Other calls should be directed to their office in Washington State: 1-360-693-5675

Certification also means that we train certified technicians in multiple aspects of the carpet and upholstery cleaning profession, and will recompense them.

We pledge to maintain:

bulletapplicable licenses and permits,
bulleta response procedure for clients,
bulleta professional ethical attitude
bulletcontinuing educational services,
bulletliability, bonding and other insurances.
bullet an annual relationship with the IICRC.

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