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Current Referred & Previous Jobs Costs

Most of our clients understand the costs of carpet cleaning, prepare their home for our arrival and enable us to simply roll out the hose and begin cleaning. We believe in and do practice the IICRC requirements as is necessary for proper cleaning of carpets, but all the details add to the cost when we do them.

When clients prepare their homes or offices for our arrival, and clean as recommended, it saves us time and cleaning expenses which we pass along to them. Thus they get the best prices for cleaning we can offer.

Another reality we as professional cleaners currently face is the rising cost of gasoline. ENERGY COSTS CONTRIBUTE THE GREATEST PORTION OF OUR WORK DAY COSTS BY FAR. We have previously bought gas at the best prices available and have learned not all gas is equal in spite of strong governmental production standards. Now to keep our new equipment in top condition to serve you we do NOT purchase the most economical gasoline. This will explain the number one reason our charged are higher. Thanks for your loyalty as we continue to provide the best quality and value in our service to you!

In August, 2012 we upgraded our carpet cleaning equipment which includes the Max Heat Option offered by our manufacturer. This option will:


Reduce the amount of chemical used in your home.


Increase the amount of soil removed from your carpet or upholstery.


Reduce the time required to dry the carpets or upholstery.


in addition to all the other values offered now for over 18 years!

Therefore any previous and/or referred customers who call with the above understanding will receive the following costs for their work orders:

Charge for Truck - Operating Time (Charged to the nearest 1/10th hour) will be according to the following chart: Our MINIMUM Charges Charted here.

Updated 05/01/2014 11:22:34 AM


These charges apply for only the actual cleaning time, but no extra trip charges apply for any work performed in Hartford County and within 5 miles inside any adjoining County. (See below.)


SUMMARY OVERVIEW: We can clean un-abused, and frequently cleaned (at least once each year) carpets at about 2-3 rooms per half hour for average rooms (250 sq ft. or less.) with minimal large furniture piece moving like couches, love seats, chairs, and end/side/ dining tables.


We clean upholstery according to these same charges. A typical 6 ft length Couch can clean in about 1/2 to 3/4 hours if not abused -- the result of not spotting and/or not cleaning at the recommended time : annually to 2 years maximum for most furniture pieces.

Our Retail Gasoline Cost  * Truck Mount  Cost /HALF HOUR [about 2-3 rooms/ areas of average size]  Truck Mount Cost/HOUR

$2.00 to $2.50/gal 




$150.00/ truck hour*

$2.51 to $3.00/gal $80.00$160.00/ truck hour
$3.01 to $3.50/gal$85.00$170.00/ truck hour
$3.51 to $4.00/gal$90.00$180.00/ truck hour
$4.01 to $4.50/gal$95.00$190.00/ truck hour
$4.51 to $5.00/gal$100.00$200.00/ truck hour
We reserve the right to adjust these rates at any time when conditions change our cost structure.If the page is not updated and prices rise the same pattern applies to Retail amounts above $5.00/gal.The posting of this chart does not necessarily require us to charge these rates.

A graphic view of energy costs is on the U.S. National Gas Heat Map, and right-clicking the map over your county will bring up a page with current area prices, but we no longer recommend the cheapest gas sources.


The above are minimum rates for repeat clients based largely on previous experience.
We encourage you to chose our Premium Packages found on our Carpet Cleaning Packages Link. This gives you a true and great value-for-service relationship with other benefits not included in our standard package listed.


* The above chart does not include $25.00/hour for vacuuming, and charges added for FULL furniture moves (for example, every reasonable piece -- high risk pieces like crystal-filled cabinets, grandfather clocks, oversized and typical full beds, pianos, etc. are not usually moved by us under these conditions). 


We will move couches, tables and chairs without adding to the above table. 


This does not include cost fabric protection cost (from $0.15 per sq ft.) if opted to apply.


We cannot honor our "Re-clean for Free" workmanship guarantee for any carpet we advise the customer at the time of cleaning as "abused:" -- conditions indicating to us it has not been cleaned for 1 year or more, or it has been excessively spotted with no attempts to spot clean at time of spill/event.


We reserve the right to make supplemental charges for chemicals consumed on the job above the normal amounts, especially for specialized spotting procedures.


We reserve the right to make supplemental Transportation charges for jobs over 15 miles of $ 1.00 (and up) per mile, and a $15 minimum, ADDITIONAL. These costs are mostly affected by the current cost of gasoline, but not exclusively that alone.

Our regular Carpet cleaning prices apply for those not so price conscious or those who choose a fuller cleaning package option.

If you are like us, you may wish to see more improved economic conditions in America. Please -- study some of these issues.